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Tuesday 2-26-13

I was thinking, since so many people ask me “What do you eat?” that I should post a weekly blog on exactly what I ate that day…GOOD OR BAD! This will show you that for the most part, I keep it clean and healthy, but we all have our off days too. So here’s the first of many, hopefully! I’ll call it… Tasteful Tuesday!

So this morning I had a meeting at 5:30. I didn’t want to go hungry and didn’t want to get up any earlier than I had to for that, so I grabbed a Luna Protein bar and went. It was cherry chocolate almond. Not my ideal breakfast, but it was quick and tasty 🙂


Then I had a REAL breakfast around 7:30 am – My typical breakfast that is normally had around 6:30 am. I was in a rush to get to the office by 8, so I made it in hurry (less than 5 minutes) and took it to go in the truck. First I made about a half a cup of egg whites, which chopped onions, spinach and tomato in the microwave. Then I had one packet of Cinnamon Roll flavored oatmeal by Better N’ Oats, OatFit line.

I was ready for my mid-morning snack by 10 ish, so I cut up a peach and popped it in the microwave (I love warmed fruit). I sprinkled a bit of cinnamon on top and it was sooo yummy. With my peach, I had one string cheese (weight watchers brand) and one hard boiled egg. I usually leave the yolk in with my hard boiled eggs and eat only one a day, if that. I can’t decide how I feel about the egg yolk, so I skip it in my breakfast bowl but keep it for morning snack 🙂


Then it was time (12:45 ish) for lunch (yay!). I had “Faux Fried Back Strap” that I created from Hungry Girl’s faux fried recipes. If you’ve never faux fried something, you’re missing out! Basically, I took deer back strap, dipped it in some egg whites, then in ground Fiber One Original Bran cereal and baked the meat. I batch cook meals like this on the weekends, then freeze in single serving size dishes so packing a lunch is simple. I also had some cauliflower “mashed potatoes” on top of cooked broccoli. I mixed my cauli/broc side in with a little brown rice/qunioa (less than 1/2 cup, maybe less than 1/4 cup) and 1/4 of an avocado. Finally, in my veggie mash mix, I added one half of a light laughing cow cheese wedge, tomato basil flavor. For dessert, one Hershey’s dark chocolate bliss square. DELICIOUS lunch!


My afternoon snack is a gooden’! Homemade protein bars, made of oats, peanut butter and protein powder. I probably did not get enough carbs or fats with this snack (3:30) but I had a Spark (AdvoCare vitamin/herbal energy drink) around 5 ish to help fuel me for exercise.

Post-workout I had a protein shake, peaches n cream by About Time. Then no more than about an hour after my protein shake, I had dinner. Dinner was 3 oz of boiled chicken breast, about 7 asparagus spears and about 1/4 cup of sweet potato…YUMMMM DAY! ❤

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