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Tuesday 3-26-12

Breakfassssst! I love breakfast! So you’re probably getting bored with my breakfasts because they’re all so similar, but hey, don’t fix what ain’t broke right (wow, that’s a tad bit country…)? So yesterday morning (6:35-ish) I had a big appetite. No morning workout, but was HUNGRY! So I had a little over a half a cup of egg whites, seasoned with my Mrs. Dash salt-free seasoning and crushed red pepper, cooked with chopped veggies galore: broccoli, spinach, tomato, onion, and bell pepper. I drizzled the egg scramble with a tiny bit of low sugar ketchup (I love ketchup, but the low sugar kind is best because it’s more tomato-y rather than sweet). Of course I had my oatmeal bowl to go with my eggs. I had almost a half cup (dry) of old fashioned cooking oats and dropped in a couple of strawberries (frozen). I cooked both in the microwave and once finished, I sprinkled a packet of stevia on my oatmeal. It was yummyyyyyyyy!

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My mid morning snack (9:45-ish) consisted of mixed fruit, the usual hard-boiled egg, and a serving of cocoa roast almonds. It was also very delicious and satisfying. I’ve been trying to cut back on the peanut butter and have more actual nuts. Very satisfying morning snack! Also notice my big jug of green tea 🙂 008

Lunch was a pleasant surprise. Yesterday was the boss’s birthday, so there was cookie cake; we’ll discuss that LATER! For lunch (around 12:30) I had about a cup of spaghetti squash, 1/4 cup of brown rice/quinoa mix, 3 oz of ground deer meat, 2 tablespoons of black bean salsa (something my mom found at a produce stand) and 1/2 of a wedge of light laughing cow cheese (the tomato basil kind, yum!). I mixed all this up on a plate and warmed it in the microwave. Everything had already been pre-cooked from a batch cooking Sunday. Then, I threw in about a cup of spinach and not quite a cup of broccoli. Are you wondering why so much broccoli and spinach? Well, one they’re both good for me and two, remember that produce stand I mentioned? My mom brought me enough greens to feed a small country when she came up to visit me last weekend and I refuse to let that DELICIOUS produce go to waste. Like I did with breakfast, I drizzled a tablespoon of the reduced sugar ketchup on top. I wouldn’t have, but the salsa had a slight vinegar taste that I wasn’t digging. The ketchup disguised that and brought out the tomato flavor. As I threw ALL of this food on ONE plate and stirred, I was unsure how much I’d love the mix. What a great lunch it turned out to be! Lots of flavor and nutrients, very filling and satisfying.

Now about that cookie cake. Again, it was the boss’s birthday, so around 2:30 we had a little office birthday party. He opened gifts and everyone had cookie cake. I cut a piece so small it was about 1/4 of an inch thick,. I participated in on the fun, just within moderation. Although it tasted pretty good it was very sugary and gave me a mild headache. Too sweet. :-/

My afternoon snack was around 3:45 pm. I didn’t have a fully stocked stash in my desk. I went for a Luna Protein bar (cherry almond) and a string cheese. Tuesday is typically an intense strength training day with HIIT, so my calorie intake is often planned to be a bit higher. I had a spark at 5 pm. All to fuel my workout.

Speaking of exercise, I. KILLED. IT! Oh my goodness, yesterday’s workout was awesome! I did a couple of strength training circuits and ended with HIIT, burning over 900 calories for the evening. Talk about working up an appetite! So immediately after my fat burning session (around 7 pm) I chugged a delicious protein shake. One I had never tried; my cousin sent me a sample to try. It was MaxPro Protein, orange flavored and soooo good!

Once I got home from the gym, it was chow time once again. By 8 pm I had a feast in front of me that consisted of about 1/3 cup of sweet potatoes, 4 oz of boiled chicken breast and a big bowl of broccoli and spinach (hah, told y’all these greens are not going to waste). I drizzled some mustard for a little added flavor and dug in. I had just a tiny bit of chicken and greens left over, but most of it was devoured!

Overall, I’m very satisfied with my choices on this Tasteful Tuesday. With the exception of the slither of cookie cake, I couldn’t have done much better!

Have a healthy day ❤

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