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Tasteful Tuesday 5.28.13

Well on this delightful Tuesday morning, I was travelling EARLY. Breakfast was on the road, but still at the normal 6:30 am time. Believe it or not, the one place I chose to order my early morning course has a bad reputation in nutrition world; McDonald’s. Yep. That’s right. I pulled into the drive-thru and ordered two egg whites (you know they serve that egg white muffin thing now), minus the muffin and fixings and a small order of plain oatmeal, nothing added. It was not NEAR as delicious as my typical scrambled egg dish and oatmeal with fruit, BUT it was satisfying and filling. I was pleasantly surprised.

At 9:30 am that mid-morning snack alarm (in my belly) went off. I opted for one of my most common AM snacks: one fuji apple (chopped and nuked) sprinkled with cinnamon and 1 tablespoon of all natural peanut butter and two hard boiled egg whites. I should have kept the yolk, but out of habit I chunked them.


For lunch I had Get In Shape Girl’s Red Hot Summer Chicken Salad again (get the recipe here ). It’s THAT good! I threw it on a bed of chopped spinach, along with some broccoli, 1/4 of an avocado and drizzled with picante sauce. Oh, and I REAAALLLY wanted some cheetos (almost always a stash in the office kitchen), so I picked out about 10 and had them with my salad! Heh, yep, salad and cheetos.


Afternoon snack was a little later than I wanted, but I was very busy at work! Around 4pm I had the sundried tomato and basil tuna medley over two brown rice cakes. Not my FAVORITE, but a good balanced snack, nonetheless.


I worked out with my boot campers and SHOULD HAVE had a protein shake after, but I forgot to pack it and by the time I got home, it was really a little too late. So I just settled for dinner: Spaghetti squash, deer meat, broccoli and reduced sugar ketchup and pace picante sauce as my salsa.


So there you have it, everything I ate yesterday. In general, I wasn’t exceptionally satisfied with my choices, but not too disappointed either. Hope your Tuesday was happy and healthy!

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