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Tasteful Tuesday 6.24.13

Let’s just start with this. I wasn’t totally satisfied with this Tuesday’s nutrition choices, but I guess that happens every now and then, huh? I kind of had the hunch that this week my nutrition would be off since I didn’t get the chance to either grocery shop or batch cook last weekend. I’m making it this week off of what was previously batch cooked and my back up foods! So here goes nothing…

Breakfast was normal for the most part, minus all the fresh veggies. I had two whole eggs with 1/3 cup of egg whites, seasoned with crushed red pepper and Mrs. Dash salt-free seasoning. I scrambled the eggs and topped them with a tablespoon of reduced sugar ketchup. We can’t forget about the oatmeal; 1/4 cup (dry) with one packet of stevia and a generous amount of ground cinnamon. Right on time, 6:3o am and delicious.

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I had an apple in the fridge from last week at the office. I knew I was going to be travelling for most of the day so I mixed 1 tablespoon of all natural peanut butter and some ground cinnamon in a ziploc baggie (just bite a corner off one end and squeeze) for easy snacking on the road. I chopped the apple into slices and when it was snack time (9:30 am) I had myself and easy to eat snack. Of course this is not enough protein for me in one sitting, so I had my usual two hard cooked egg whites as well.

Lunch was right about 12:15; I love when I’m able to travel and stick to meals every 3 hours or so. We (clients and co-workers) ate at a buffet style restaurant. I had eaten there before and knew my options would be decent. I had a big salad that consisted of mixed greens, spinach, carrots, a little bit of chopped ham, chopped eggs, broccoli, a few croutons and a drizzle of fat free Italian dressing. I grabbed the salad (smaller size) place for my course to prevent from piling too much on. I chose one baked chicken breast, some green beans and a SMALL spoonful of peas. I didn’t really eat the green beans or peas (they didn’t taste yummy) but I devoured the salad and added the chicken to it. I can’t forget to fess up about my dessert. Yes, it was likely the most ‘guilt-free’ item to have, but there was no indication that this sweet treat was made lightly. Angel food cake, strawberries and cool whip…YEP!

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My afternoon snack came around 4pm. I had a few whole almonds (about 8-10). I also had the tomato basil flavored tuna I often tell y’all about on top of two rice cakes. This time I drizzled a little mustard over the tuna. I wasn’t happy about this snack. Just wasn’t feeling it. But I ate it.


After my workout I had a protein shake. My dinner was much later than normal (but now normal for Tuesday’s) because I’m training a friend at the gym on Tuesday evenings. I just went to Chipotle, grabbed my favorite meal from there (actually the only thing I’ve ever eaten from Chipotle) a grilled chicken salad to go and rushed home to scarf it down. It wasn’t a bad dinner choice, but I try to avoid eating out too much during the week. This made for my SECOND meal out for the day.

Anyways, like I said, not my BEST day of nutrition. How was your nutrition?

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