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Tasteful Tuesday 8.27.13

Hey there readers! It looks like a few of you may be new to my blog. In honor of the newbies, I’d like to welcome all of you who stop by to check out what’s going on in my world. Thanks for following and reading along. Your support is more appreciated than words can express. Now, let’s get down to the food talk!

As of yesterday I made a small change in my regular Tuesday schedule. My evening client needs to meet earlier in the evening now, so her and I worked together and settled that. No big deal. BUT, because of the schedule change, I decided not to go for an early morning run and instead JOINED my client during the evening workout. That being said, like most days the alarm went off at 6 am. I took my morning vitamins and SLOWLY forced myself out of bed. I started cooking breakfast just a little late, so that reflected on my chow time. I was eating by 6:40 am, only about 10 minutes behind. For breakfast I scrambled up two whole eggs and the whites of two eggs. It’s fairly common that I’ll throw in a mixture of chopped veggies with my eggies (hehe), but that just wasn’t the case this time. Plain eggs, with a little Mrs. Dash salt-free Southwestern Chipotle season. Nothing too exciting, but exactly what I needed (and wanted) to start the day. When the eggs were finished, I topped them with 1 tablespoon of fat free shredded cheese and 1 tablespoon of roasted red pepper hummus. YUMMMM. As usual, with my eggs I had to have my oats! I scooped 1/4 cup dry oats and about 4 pieces of frozen tropical fruits into my bowl. I added just enough water and nuked the cereal mix. Once my oatmeal was done I added 1 teaspoon of unsweetened coconut. Tropical greatness just happened folks.

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At 9:30 am my belly was doing it’s thing, talking to me saying “feeeeeed me!” So I went to my stash in the office refrigerator and pulled out about cups worth of chopped strawberries and grapes. I sprinkled about a half of a packet of stevia on the strawberries to sweeten them up a tad (the other half packet of stevia made its way into my green tea jug). Then I found the other half of yesterday’s single serving pack (notice I typically eat half a serving per sitting) of Justin’s Maple Almond Butter. I squeezed the rest of that amazing nut butter onto my plate for dipping the berries and grapes. THAT is REAL PB&J! Of course the nut butter alone doesn’t quite get me to my protein target, so I had two boiled egg whites as well. GOOOOOOD morning snack!!!


Lunch was SO good. I’ve been very happy with my meals lately. It must have been about 12:30 when I began to prepare the meal. I had 2 spring rolls, one serving of my BBQ Chicken Chunks, a tablespoon of my special ranch dressing and 1/4 of an avocado. Call me strange, but it was good. I mixed half of the previously mentioned goods into one spring roll, and the other half into the second skin. SO.DARN.TASTY! I almost ALWAYS have broccoli at lunch, so I nuked a few florets in the microwave to up my veggie intake. Annnnnd you can’t forget about those darn Cheetos. I had 7 of them! I guess it could be worse, but one day I will say NO to the office Cheetos!  Oh, let me tell you about my dessert! I’ve been doing a lot of playing around in the kitchen, trying new things and I made a new protein pudding last night. I had about an 1/4 cup of the pudding to top off the meal.

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Around 3:30 I was ready for my afternoon snack, but the lazy bug in me had taken over. Instead of putting a snack together, I opted for an Oatmega Bar. I convinced myself that this was a good snack because I hadn’t tried the mocha flavored bar yet and I didn’t want something too heavy for pre-workout. Still the snack was not a bad choice, but I try to leave bars for travelling days. And for those of you wondering, I surprisingly really liked the mocha bar. Mocha is NOT a flavor you will ever see me choose. I bought it to keep me from WANTING a bar when I didn’t need one, HAH…fail! I love protein/fruit/nut/raw bars. ❤


So right after work I headed to the gym. Like I said before, my Tuesday evening client and I bumped our session time up so I was in a bit of a hurry. I live in a college town and being the start of a new semester, the traffic has REALLY picked up. By the time I got to the gym, she was there and ready to go. I changed, started our session and got in my workout. By 6:30 pm I was shaking up that post workout protein shake: 8 ounces of unsweetened vanilla almond milk and 1 scoop of Iso-100 by Dymatize.

Being that I was able to get out of the gym earlier than normal, I had a little time to run to the grocery store. If you’ve read my Tasteful Tuesday blogs before, you know that I’m often so hungry by the time I finish with my client that I hit up Chipotle for a grilled chicken salad; well not anymore! I ran into the grocery store and made a fast grab at some veggies and pork chops. When I got home I seasoned the chops with a little Mrs. Dash salt-free garlic and herb season and went to cooking. Seriously, in less than 5 minutes and they were done! I laid out a big green leaf of lettuce on my dinner plate, threw down one chop, added a tablespoon of fat free shredded cheese and added a second chop on top. The cheese melted like gooey goodness between the chops. Finally, I added one more piece of lettuce to complete my lettuce pork chop “burger” and devoured the meal. For dessert (ugh, I know…I love sweets) I had the other 1/4 cup of my new pudding.

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What a nutritious and DELICIOUS Tuesday. I am very pleased with my choices and was satisfied throughout the entire day. What foods made the cut for your Tasteful Tuesday menu?

Have a happy and healthy rest of the week!

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