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Tasteful Tuesday 11.26.13

Welcome back friends! I’m glad to share with you what I’ve eaten today. Today’s nutrition wasn’t TOTALLY horrible, but gosh, the past couple of days I’ve been eating terribly. It’s like I think Thanksgiving is here and I’m totally free to splurge on a holiday….ummm NO. Anyways…here we go!

So this morning I did not get up for an early morning run. The weather has been really icky. This morning I believe the temps were around 37 degrees and light rain. I draw the line there. I’m dedicated but I really, really, REALLY hate the cold. So, I saved my run for the treadmill.

I ate breakfast right around 6:30 am. I had one whole egg, about 1/3 cup of egg whites, chopped spinach, sauteed onions and mushrooms all scrambled together. I seasoned the egg mixture with some chipotle season and black pepper. Along with the egg dish I had 1/4 cup of oatmeal (old fashioned cooking oats) with one half of a banana, a little PB2 and stevia. I was planning to use the other half of the banana in a smoothie later but that fell through. I also had a cup of hot green tea with my breakfast and two cinnamon sticks dropped in 🙂


My mid-morning snack was nothing out of the ordinary. One fuji apple (yum, they’re in season!), one tablespoon of all natural peanut butter and two hard boiled eggs. I sliced the eggs and used one yolk, yellow mustard, black pepper and a small squeeze of reduced sugar ketchup to make a quick version of deviled eggs.

Lunch was sooo good. I had a bowl of my chili (which I happen to absolutely love). To the chili I added some broccoli and 1/4 of an avocado fruit. Strange but good. Find my chili recipe in my ecookbook Eat Strong Like Kara.


My afternoon snack was going to be a spinach smoothie, but I was a little busier than expected at work and time got away from me. At 4pm I had a banana nut bread Quest bar and about 12 all natural almonds.


After work I went to the gym for that treadmill run. Post workout, I had a protein shake that I’m sorry I don’t know the name of. It was a sample a friend gave me and it was GOOD! Chocolate flavored.

For dinner I had a very boring and blah meal. My grocery selection is WEAK since I’m going to be traveling for the holidays. I ate a roast beef and veggies frozen meal by Smart Ones. Nothing to be proud of here.


So a little boring for me today, sorry! My nutrition was FAIR today. I wouldn’t say this was good, but definitely better than the past few days. I hope YOU had a great day filled with great nutrition choices!

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