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My 2014 Goals!

Wooohoo! A New Year, a new start, new goals! I LOVE setting goals and even more so, I love accomplishing them! Did you see what I accomplished in 2013? I had some really great goals, but I didn’t make them very SMART. Ughh! And I strongly encourage SMART goals to all of my clients, but apparently I didn’t take my own advice. If you haven’t read about SMART goals, please do before you set your 2014 resolutions.

I have some pretty exciting goals set for 2014. I believe this is going to my best year yet! I’m making 2014 MY year. Let’s get into the bulk of this baby!

My Fitness Goals For 2014:

-I want to run a local half-marathon by March 2nd. I have never run a race longer than about 6.5 miles, so I’m anxious to really push myself with the distance. I will accomplish this goal by following the running plan I’ve designed (I just started training). I also want some cool half-marathon memorabilia, but I must earn it first!

-I want to lose 5% body fat by my birthday, November 2nd, 2014. I am currently around 30% body fat and have been since I had the skin removal procedures done. It is time for me to make a breakthrough on this plateau. I want to look and feel better than I ever have before. I want to be leaner! I will accomplish this goal by really sticking to a clean diet, better monitoring my nutrition and maintaining an intense exercise program.

-I want to incorporate yoga back into my regular exercise routine. I want to perform yoga at least once a week every week throughout the duration of 2014, either in my home or at my gym. I realize that “life happens” and some weeks I may not be able to get it in, so I’ve allowed 7 missed sessions, setting a target for 45 sessions out of 52 weeks. Yoga, in the past, has helped to enhance recovery and release stress, so I believe by bringing yoga back into my life I will be able to make progress on other goals as well.

-I want to perform one true pull-up by the end of 2014. This goal is a bit of a “back burner” goal. I have had this one on my list for a while now. I will continue to strength train and focus on my back in an effort to accomplish this goal. Performing a true pull-up would simply boost my own pride.

So these are basically my fitness goals for 2014. Of course I will likely have a few more throughout the year, but for right now, these are on my mind. I have drawn out a chart so that I can literally have a visual of my goals. I’ve mapped out assessments and dates that I feel are necessary to make those assessments.


I also have goals that are not fitness related! I’ll share a few of those with you as well. These are SMART on paper, but some are a little personal, so all the details may not be mentioned! Here they are:

-contribute to a health, wealth and charity savings account that I have started. I have dollar amounts, timelines and assessments for each of these as well.

-call at least 1 person that I love every single day. I plan to have a checklist of some sort by my bed, in or on my nightstand. I’ll check it before I lay down to sleep, and if I haven’t yet made that call, I will at that moment.

-a short vacation of some sort with my boyfriend. He and I are always running one direction or another. Our lives are busy, busy, busy (like many of yours too!). We both have this on our list for 2014.

-attend church services more so than I am now. I won’t go into detail, but I’d like for the boyfriend and I to attend as a couple this year, hopefully we’ll find a parish we both love!

So, now it’s YOUR turn. What are YOUR goals for 2014?

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