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Tasteful Tuesday 12.17.13 – Officially Retiring

Hey there followers! Thanks for joining me throughout this fun journey of logging my meals. Let’s see what was all on my menu yesterday, eh?

So I woke up at 4:30 am for my morning run and of course I had a Spark to get me going! The run went well and after a couple of miles I came in for a protein shake with unsweetened vanilla almond milk…yummm 🙂


At 6:30 am I sat down to one of my favorite breakfast meals, protein pancakes! These were made with egg whites, fat free cottage cheese, spinach, stevia and a little pb2. I topped these green goodies with one serving of sugar free syrup.


At 9:30 am I whipped up a morning snack that I’ve really been favoring lately. It’s made of shredded broccoli, cauliflower, red cabbage, and carrots. I add two chopped boiled eggs to the veggies and typically about 2 tablespoons of hummus….except when I went to add the hummus I realized I was OUT! So I topped with a tablespoon of Light Italian Dressing instead. It was OK, but this snack is FANTASTIC with hummus! I really like to add pepper too, so I sprinkled a ton of black pepper on top! Here’s the recipe I like!


Lunch was totally out of my control. We had a bbq lunch at a client’s headquarters. I chose mostly chicken, I grabbed a little sausage and beef just in case the chicken wasn’t enough. I did top my meat with bbq sauce (which I’m sure was full of sugar – probably should have left that off). I had a big scoop of green beans and a small scoop of mashed potatoes. I skipped the bread. The chicken was disappointing. Unfortunately it was mostly skin. Not sure where the meat went, but there wasn’t much on my plate. Because of that, I ate my one slice of beef and the couple of sausage coins. Everything else was delicious. I knew I had eaten enough (or too much even) “calorie-wise” but I definitely was not satisfied.


After I got back to the office (around 3:30 pm) I had an orange with a weight watchers string cheese. Still unsatisfied I threw in a few all natural almonds. I couldn’t seem to get satisfied. I hate that feeling. The orange was delicious though!


For dinner, around 6:30 pm, I had a salad from Subway. On it I ordered spinach, lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, bell peppers, avocado, oven roasted chicken breast and turkey. It was very good!


Overall, I wasn’t overly satisfied throughout the day. I was constantly having to fight off the urge to snack. I really hate those days. It happens.

I hope you have enjoyed my Tasteful Tuesday blogs. I am officially retiring these writings. I hope to bring even more interesting blogs to you soon in their place.

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